Snake Removal in Jacksonville & Yulee, FL

There are many types of snakes here in Florida. Most calls we get are for the non-venomous black rat snake or "black racer". There are also two species of rattlesnakes (pygmy and eastern diamondback) and water moccasins.

How do I tell if I have snakes?

The most common way of telling if you have snakes is by seeing them! Most homes and neighborhoods have waterways, ponds, and nature preserves in and around them. This along with the hedge rows common along the perimeter of a house makes for great snake habitat. Things such as feeding pets or birds outside (drawing in prey), having a lot of overgrown vegetation, or a lot of debris/stuff in the yard they can hide in makes it more common to find snakes around your home.

How do we get rid of them?

The most common way we get rid of snakes is by catching them when you see them. We offer and emergency service to come out immediately and scoop them up. It is always helpful if you can take a picture so we can try to identify the snake when we get there. The other method we use is snake trapping. We offer a 30 day service to trap snakes that includes weekly checks of the property as well to catch any hanging around.

Don't let snakes hang around your house. Call our professionals today for snake removal services in Jacksonville, FL.