Armadillo Removal Services in Jacksonville & Yulee, FL

Armadillos are a mostly nocturnal mammal originally from South America. They are very common here in Florida and can cause serious damage to your property.

How do I tell if I have armadillos or moles?

Some of the telltale signs of armadillos are: small divots (usually an inch of two deep in a triangular pattern) in the lawn or flowerbeds, or a large (softball size) hole usually against the house or A/C unit. While the small divots will ruin your lawn/landscaping, a large burrow under your house or A/C can cause serious damage to the foundation, causing it to crack and sink over time. It is also not unusual to see armadillos out and about in the evenings or overnight. They also have 4 babies a year and around June they will start venturing out of the burrow making it a common occurrence to see them wandering about.

How do we get rid of them?

Many people will try deterrents to chase armadillos off, such as cayenne pepper or castor oil, to get them to leave but we have found these to have limited results at best. The climate in Florida is very wet and humid and lawns tend to be watered fairly often as well which means for deterrents to be effective they must be reapplied weekly in most cases. Armadillo removal is the best long term option for relief from this animal. Typically there are between 3-5 armadillos in the area if there is a burrow present. We typically recommend doing at least a one month trapping service to catch and remove them because they tend to wander between several burrows and can stay underground for days at a time.

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