Raccoon Removal in Jacksonville & Yulee, FL

Raccoons are another common pest in and around homes. They are incredibly strong climbers and can get into just about any sort of mischief they want such as raiding trash cans, bird feeders, or pet food bowls. During the spring and fall it is also common for them to break into attic spaces to have their young.

How do I tell if I have raccoons?

Raccoons in the yard are usually very obvious. They frequent areas such as bird feeders, or places where other animals such as outdoor cats are fed. Damage to feeders, moved food bowls, droppings, or excess dirt in the pool are typical signs of raccoons.
Raccoons in the structure tend to be described as sounding like "someone moving furniture" in the attic, or if there are babies present you may also hear them cooing/chirping when they get hungry.

How do we get rid of them?

For raccoons spotted outside the best way to get rid of them is by trapping and relocating them. Depending on the number of animals we can do anything from a single animal capture, 14 day trapping, or a 30 day trapping if necessary. Typically we recommend 14 days.
For raccoons in a structure we need to do trapping, to first catch mom, and then we can remove the babies. We can also use a one way exclusion door to make sure nothing else is in the attic. When doing this service we also do an inspection of the structure to figure out where they have gotten in, and how to prevent this from happening again much like with rats and squirrels.

What about sick raccoons?

We have an emergency service to come out and remove sick raccoons. The most common type of illness they suffer from is Feline Distemper. They pick this up from stray cats that typically feed in the same areas as they do. This causes raccoons to stumble when walking, as if drunk, to sit in one place for hours doing very little, and to have seizures.

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