Opossum Removal in Jacksonville & Yulee, FL

Opossums are a marsupial native to North America. They are usually pretty harmless but open their mouths and hiss if threatened and they tend to get into places they shouldn't.

How do I tell if I have opossums?

These little guys tend to be just about everywhere. They are mostly nocturnal but can occasionally be seen during the day. They like to frequent areas with food such as bird feeders, pet food bowls, or grills that have been used recently or not cleaned well. The most common way to tell if you have them is by seeing them.

How do we get rid of them?

The best way to get rid of opossums is by trapping and relocating them. We typically recommend a 14 day service if you are seeing them. Other common issues for opossums are that they wander into a house and can't find their way back out. For this we have an emergency service to come and remove them. The next most common opossum problem is they tend to die underneath houses. We also offer services to come out and look for them and remove them. We can also perform an inspection and offer solutions to seal up a structure to prevent that from occurring again.

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