Mice Removal & Rat Removal Services in Jacksonville & Yulee, FL

Mice and rats are another of the most common critters we deal with here in Florida. There are several varieties that vary greatly in size (from about 1in to about 8in) and are common throughout the area. They are extremely persistent little critters that will climb, chew, or dig their way to where they want to go.

How do I tell if I have rats?

Typically the first sign of rats in the attic is a scratching noise on the ceiling or perhaps in a wall. This usually occurs around 9pm-5am. Another sign is finding droppings or items that have been chewed such as food.

How do we get rid of them?

The only way to solve a rodent problem is to secure the building to prevent them from getting in. It is almost impossible to remove them by only trapping or putting out poison. Poison is one of the worst methods to choose before sealing a house because rodents tend to die everywhere, such as in the attic/walls/under the house and are difficult to find, thus causing a month or so of terrible odor and flies. To properly fix the issue we must come out and do an inspection. We must identify all the openings on the structure and come up with a plan to secure them.

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