Squirrel Removal in Jacksonville & Yulee, FL

Squirrels are one of the most common critters to inhabit attic spaces, especially in the late winter/spring time as they are preparing and having babies. They almost always access the house through an opening that is off the ground, usually on the roof, such as wood that has rotted or softened due to water damage or soffit openings that only have a window screen material to secure them.

How do I tell if it is squirrels or not?

Squirrels tend to be very active and make a lot of thumping noises in the attic as they jump while they run. They are most active around breakfast time 6-10am and around evening time 6-10pm. They can also come and go at other times during the day but they are usually quiet at night. If you are hearing noises around 9pm-5am it is more likely that rats are the cause.

How do we get rid of them?

The process we use to get squirrels out of a home is to seal off all the entry points leading into the structure. We usually use metal and cement to ensure that these areas are secure. We also install a one way door or "Excluder" to allow the squirrels to exit the home but not get back in. Trapping is not typically done for squirrels in the attic space as it is usually ineffective. However we can do an outdoor trapping to remove and relocate them if the population is too large in your area. To properly fix the issue we must come out and do an inspection. We must identify all the openings on the structure and come up with a plan to secure them.

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